Navigating Grief

Grief has a way of showing up in our lives at the most unexpected times. Sometimes, we can plan for the grieving process. Such as a planned change of employment, a move to a new community, or a family member dying of cancer. Other times, grief is sudden, unexpected, unwarranted, unplanned, devastating, and traumatic. In this way, grief is unexpected. It can send us into a place we never knew where we could be. It can change the course of our journey and our life forever. As a psychotherapist, I “dance” with… Read More

Anxiety & Teenagers

by: Helen Gibbs MSW (c), M.A. CYS Writing exams, moving to a new school, or a job interview are some examples of events that may cause your teenager to be nervous, moody and/or withdrawn.  In those situations, those types of reactions would likely be expected and your teenager often “bounces” back once the stressful event is over.  However, nowadays more and more teenagers are experiencing frequent or daily feelings of anxiety that are impacting on their activities at school, at home, and in the community.  The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health… Read More

Asset Mapping of Indigenous Community Resources

Durham Region was originally the home of several First Nations including, but not limited to, Iroquois and Ojibway.  Today Durham is home to The Mississauga Nation and a large Métis community. In the 2016 census, it was identified that in Durham region, just over 20,000 people identified themselves as having North American Indigenous origins.  Due to the colonization and assimilation of Indigenous groups through Canadian policies and programs (e.g. Residential Schools), the Aboriginal people were displaced, and their land was stolen.  Since the late 1960’s, government policy has shifted slowly to a… Read More

Community Mental Health Services

Free and low cost mental health community resources in Durham Region

Brain Development & Stress

Our brain development begins shortly after conception and continues into our 20s.

Community venture programs to watch…

Aset Group Consulting and Counselling Services supports community organizations, grassroots agencies and individuals that focus upon providing services which create a meaningful impact on our community. These organizations help to address systemic issues that our community members experiences such as untreated mental health difficulties, economical and poverty restraints, racism, homophobia, homelessness and so much more.  Individuals who manage private practice organizations support our community by offering under-serviced mental health treatment and resources to individuals in need. We started.. Ifarada Institute By supporting community, we build healthy families and individuals.  We make our… Read More

Raising Healthy Children

One of my favorite pleasures in my life experience was raising my daughter and over 30 foster children.  Children have the unique opportunity to learn, to grow and to fashion a world in their minds which shapes their development into adulthood.  As a play therapist, social worker, and parent trainer, there are several suggestions I provide parents to help them raise healthy children. The following is a list of resources I have found over the years which have been helpful to me. One of the worries parents’ present is on the emotional… Read More

The Importance of Equity Leadership

Even though Canada is known in the world as a country that accepts and promotes diversity and tolerance, and it prides itself on the premises of inclusiveness, many reports in the past decade in regards to race, diversity, opportunity and services for individuals and families belonging to minority groups, overrepresentation of Black and Indigenous children and youth in child welfare and criminal justice system point out to the fact that Canada has a race problem. Social services agencies across the country, but more specifically in Ontario, are focusing in implementing the Anti-Oppressive… Read More


for Durham Region And Scarborough Prepared by: Snezana Avramov-Atanasovska, MSW graduate (2018) of the University of Windsor Introduction Durham Region covers a large geographical area that spreads over 2,523 km2 and covers the area between two lakes: Ontario and Simcoe Lake. Durham Region is also knows as “an east end of Grater Toronto Area” and consists of 8 municipalities: Town of Ajax, Township of Brock, Municipality of Clarington, City of Oshawa, City of Pickering, Township of Scugog, Township of Uxbridge, and Town of Whitby. It also contains one First Nations reserve: Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation (“Regional Municipality of Durham”, n.d.). The 2016 Census… Read More

Equity in Canada

Canada is a proud country in the global arena and but it also has many issues. One most pressing and one that gets overlooked or not acknowledged is one that it also takes much pride in – its diversity!  In an article written by Scott Gilmore and published by Maclean’s Magazine, he points out the discrepancies between how Canada is represented in the international world and its reality. Canada is ranked the second among all nations in the Social Progress Index for tolerance and inclusion, however in reality Canada’s statistics on how… Read More