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Couples seek counselling to help address persistent problems within their relationship.   We take an emotional-focused perspective to relationships which consider attachment theory.   We incorporate building empathy for your partner and effective listening skills. Couples sessions are complex, and have multiple layers involved to understand and uncover.  However the results are worth it.  It is not about who is right, but identifying ways that couples can communicate their needs.  We also help you to understand your attachment patterns and how you express emotions, communicate love, develop trust, and heal disruptions.    

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Through an emotion-focused attachment lens we support couples to find strengths in their relationships, understand healthy and unhealthy patterns of communication, and determine how they can heal “hurts” within their relationships.


Sometimes relationships are not meant to continue, but how do couples support their children throughout their childhood when there is a divorce or separation. In Supporting your Children Through Divorce we provide suggestions on how you can create a loving, healthy divorce for your children.

In every relationship, there may be a time where couples are put to the test, and they may have to navigate pain, hurt, and attachment disruptions in their relationship. Learn more about how you can begin to heal the scars of your relationship and move forward: Coming Soon.

Communication is key to a healthy and loving relationship. But how do you know what is healthy or unhealthy communication? Explore critical themes in communication, assertiveness, and ensuring your needs and your partners needs are addressed in a relationship: Coming Soon

All is Fair, in Love

When relationships are stuck…


Fair Fighting Rules for Relationships (Coming Soon)


Strategies to maintain your emotional health (coming soon)


Diffuse a difficult argument within your relationship (coming soon)


Nurture your relationship & keep the love in-tact

Couples Counselling Works!

Counselling can be a supportive intervention for couples throughout their relationship to help enrich their unions and connections in a variety of ways. Consider these interventions:

  • Premarital Counselling
  • Sex therapy
  • Parenting Support & Education
  • Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Couples Counselling & Relationship Support
  • Divorce & Separation Mediation & Support

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“Mission Statement”

We aspire success, transformation & Empowerment

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Vision Statement”

We seek to provide services that are client-centered, flexible, innovative and change oriented. We use an holistic and collaborative approach to healing.

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We boast a team of wellness therapists who are well-educated, trained, and geared to meet your family and individual needs.

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