Aset Group Consulting &Counselling Services:

is proud to offer mental health services for Indigenous community members seeking mental health counselling services and First Nations or Inuit Status Holder through the NHIB Mental Health Counselling Program. This program is held in addition to our subsidized and free counselling options for those who qualify. Our Services include:Individual, group and face to face mental health counselling in a private practice; Community support and advocacy as needed; Initial assessment & consultation within 1- 2 weeks of referral; Individualized support and treatment plan based on your holistic healing needs.

Our services focus upon:

  • Empowering, strengthening and supporting individuals to achieve their internal and external wellness by providing holistic services
  • Treatment for trauma, inter-generational trauma, abuse and attachment disruptions
  • Integration of traditional Indigenous counselling and culturally-based healing approaches. 
  • Utilizing interventions such as medicine wheel, 2 eyes-seeing model, expressive arts, play, sand, and art therapies in addition to Dialectical Behavior Approach, solution-focused and narrative therapies.

Resources Library

Advocacy in Ontario

Advocacy efforts & current issues in Indigenous studies

Community Resources & Links

Resource bank of Indigenous community resources in Durham, Toronto and Simcoe Region.

Truth and Reconciliation

Guides and Resources for individuals wanting to learn about Indigenous culture and treaty rights

Indigenous Health & Wellness

Suggested Best Practices in Indigenous Mental Health Resources