The Importance of Equity Leadership

Even though Canada is known in the world as a country that accepts and promotes diversity and tolerance, and it prides itself on the premises of inclusiveness, many reports in the past decade in regards to race, diversity, opportunity and services for individuals and families belonging to minority groups, overrepresentation of Black and Indigenous children and youth in child welfare and criminal justice system point out to the fact that Canada has a race problem. Social services agencies across the country, but more specifically in Ontario, are focusing in implementing the Anti-Oppressive… Read More

Equity in Canada

Canada is a proud country in the global arena and but it also has many issues. One most pressing and one that gets overlooked or not acknowledged is one that it also takes much pride in – its diversity!  In an article written by Scott Gilmore and published by Maclean’s Magazine, he points out the discrepancies between how Canada is represented in the international world and its reality. Canada is ranked the second among all nations in the Social Progress Index for tolerance and inclusion, however in reality Canada‚Äôs statistics on how… Read More