Healing the Impact of Race Trauma

I attended my first Black funeral in January 2012. My beautiful grandmother had passed away a few days prior, and my mother, sister and I arrived to Port of Spain, Trinidad West Indies within a few hours. I loved my trips to Trinidad, but this one was bittersweet. Each day, before the funeral we sat in my grandmother’s home as visitors came to visit every day. The visitors brought food, told stories, prayed, played music, hugged, and connected with each other. So after learning of Mr. Floyd’s passing, I think the world… Read More

Surviving Learning-from-Home for Learners

Aset Group Consulting and Counselling Services hosts placement students from graduate schools across Canada and the United States. The graduate placement students play a fundamental role in supporting wellness therapists to provide a holistic, family systems intervention and provide counselling services to individuals and couples in need of subsidized services. Our graduate placements ended abruptly on March 20, 2020 due to COVID-19 and physical distancing measures. The following cohort of students started in May 2020, and they quickly had to adapt to a “lean from home” environment while providing teletherapy. As graduate… Read More

De-Stress Tips for Front Line Workers

A year ago, I remember standing in a crowd of Raptors fans waiting hours for the champion team, the  Lawrence O’Brien trophy, and of course, Drake to stroll by in the parade. Now, several months later our world has changed drastically. Many of us speculate that our “new normal” will last two years, others claim that we need a vaccine first, and others are optimistic that Fall 2020 will resume as usual. Whatever the outcome is, our mental wellness is as crucial as our physical wellness and avoidance of the deadly and… Read More

Wellness for the “Healing” Professionals

As healing professionals, where by you provide services as a physician, personal support worker, psychotherapist, social worker, nurse or more Mental Wellness begins with you to promote mental wellness, and to ground your own work in a strong foundation. Many times, it is difficult to accomplish given the demands of the work we do. Managing as a Health Care Professional Throughout one’s career as a healthcare professional there are many influences whether that be internal or external factors that can contribute to stress in the field. These stressors can adversely affect not… Read More

Navigating Grief

Grief has a way of showing up in our lives at the most unexpected times. Sometimes, we can plan for the grieving process. Such as a planned change of employment, a move to a new community, or a family member dying of cancer. Other times, grief is sudden, unexpected, unwarranted, unplanned, devastating, and traumatic. In this way, grief is unexpected. It can send us into a place we never knew where we could be. It can change the course of our journey and our life forever. As a psychotherapist, I “dance” with… Read More

Self Compassion

If you don’t care for yourself, how do you expect to care for others -Life Lesson Learning to show compassion to yourself, One of the lessons I learned in life is that we are raised to become critical and judgmental of ourselves and others. From the time we are very young we are inundated with messaging, values, morals, expectations and rules on how we need to act, behave, feel, and learn within our lives. Don’t believe me? When babies are little, we try to train them on a routine of sleeping and… Read More