De-Stress Tips for Front Line Workers

A year ago, I remember standing in a crowd of Raptors fans waiting hours for the champion team, the  Lawrence O’Brien trophy, and of course, Drake to stroll by in the parade. Now, several months later our world has changed drastically. Many of us speculate that our “new normal” will last two years, others claim that we need a vaccine first, and others are optimistic that Fall 2020 will resume as usual. Whatever the outcome is, our mental wellness is as crucial as our physical wellness and avoidance of the deadly and… Read More

Healing Pain with Love

The title of this post is, Healing Pain with Love. It seems odd that a psychotherapist would suggest that love is an intervention for addressing grief and loss, anger, incarceration, violence, trauma, disease and illness and other forms of pain that brings thousands of people to counselling every day. Researchers have spent centuries searching for answers to address these experiences that pull a strain on our mental and emotional wellness, and create a plethora of unpleasant and unhelpful pain. So brace yourself for the hardest simplicity approach to healing. This year, started… Read More

Empowering Superhero Children

In 2020, the entire world experienced a period of social distancing and quarantine due to COVID-19, a novel coronovirus that impacted every country on this planet! In 10 years, the history books will talk about this novel experience that this generation lived through, and our children participated in. Schools are closed. Recreational activities have shut down. Events and venues are suspended. Birthday celebrations and vacations are placed on hold. Parks and child play centers now considered unsafe, and marked with yellow tape. While we are in the moment, the novel experience is… Read More

Coping with social distancing

We have the answers for you. The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) has put together a COVID-19 resource page for individuals seeking mental health support to manage the crisis.  If you have a prior experience with trauma, often feel anxious on a regular basis, and struggle with managing stress, it is expected that this experience may place a strain on your coping skills. Sigh of Relief.  We will get through this together. And just like that, we were home… Many of us may not have anticipated, or considered that this… Read More

Parenting Resources: Articles & Websites for Parents

The following list are collected websites and articles for parents providing key tips and resources on parenting, building resiliency with young people, and addressing challenges in youth. Click on a topic for more information below: Mental Health Services Support for Parents, Children, Youth & Adults… BC Children’s Hospital provides a Mental Health Resource site for youth, adults and parents: Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre Children with Special Needs: Neuroimaging and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, article published by researchers Addressing bullying… Cliques and Put-Downs in Elementary Schools addresses the impact of “cliques” for… Read More

Anxiety & Teenagers

by: Helen Gibbs MSW (c), M.A. CYS Writing exams, moving to a new school, or a job interview are some examples of events that may cause your teenager to be nervous, moody and/or withdrawn.  In those situations, those types of reactions would likely be expected and your teenager often “bounces” back once the stressful event is over.  However, nowadays more and more teenagers are experiencing frequent or daily feelings of anxiety that are impacting on their activities at school, at home, and in the community.  The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health… Read More

Supporting your children through divorce

At any age, divorce can be extremely difficult for children to cope with and manage.  Parents play an integral role in helping children heal from their experience of grief of the changes in their family, loss of the other primary parent in their lives, conflict between two people they love immensely, and healing from the experiences pre- and post separation. Invest in seeking resources which may help you to access tools and strategies to supporting moving forward.  Separation and divorce does not have to be difficult, and by working together, reducing egos,… Read More