Black Mental Health

Healing our mental health should be similar to wellness. Engaging in practices which keep our hearts, souls, minds and bodies in balance and harmony

Written by: Nicole Perryman

Wellness & Healing Services

Healing is an essential part of our journeys. Life can have beautiful, and painful moments. At Aset Group Consulting and Counselling Services, we offer wellness and healing services that support Black Mental Health.

Holistic Care is one of our tenets in promoting wellness for Black Community in Ontario. At Aset Group, Holistic Care includes:

  • Spirituality: we are all connected on this planet, in our bodies, our souls and our mind.
  • Physical: our physical bodies require our attunement mindfulness to remain healthy and stress-free.
  • Emotional: our expression of emotions, connections with others, and attachment
  • Knowledge & Wisdom which inspires us, guides our journey, and enhances our knowledge base
  • Mental wellness & mindfulness

For more information about our mental health interventions and topics in Black Mental Health see our articles:

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